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Benefits of Stretching

Stretching is often something we overlook when it comes to our weekly exercise routine. This could be for lots of reasons; we run out of time, it’s boring or we don’t really understand the point of it. I get it! But I’m going to try to at least eliminate one of those reasons for you […]

Home Workout Series – Resistance Band Full Body Burner

As gyms slowly start to open and people are getting back to their normal exercise routines, I’ll be starting to add more workouts to the blog which incorporate different pieces of equipment, so you can choose to do these at home or at your local gym, if you like. I know not everyone wants to […]

Benefits of Resistance Training

In my previous posts, we’ve looked at the benefits of interval training and “Cardio”, so now it’s time to move on to (one of!) my favourite types of training: Resistance Training. Now I’m sure many of us have been told or are aware that resistance training is “good for us”, but how so exactly? Other […]