Top Tips for Staying Home

It’s such a strange time in the world right now, with everyone’s home becoming their office, gym and local café – as well as their safe haven from the rest of the madness! It’s hard not to feel a little stir crazy! I think the only thing keeping me positive is the fact that we know at some point, things WILL return to normal, and until then we just have to ride the wave as best as we can. But on top of that, I’m also someone very driven by routine and there’s been a few things that have really helped me stay sane whilst staying home – and I want to share them with you!

1. Create a Daily Routine

Before this all started, I was getting up at 5am every day and going to the gym, then rushing off to work, coming home at 6pm, then it was dinner, bed, repeat! Pretty hectic, and don’t get me wrong I am LOVING this slower pace of life right now and it’s definitely great for my stress levels, but without routine I feel lethargic, de-motivated and that’s when the anxiety tends to creep in. So that’s why for me, and I’m sure a lot of you out there, a daily routine for staying home is really beneficial. Now it definitely doesn’t need to be super rigid or hardcore, as we all should be taking this time to reset our bodies and minds a bit, but it should be enough to get you out of bed in the morning and keep you accountable to your goals. Here’s an example of what my daily routine looks like (note – I’m way more productive in the morning, hence why I utilise that time for working on my personal projects, but everyone is different and this doesn’t suit all):

  • 5.30am wake up – read and coffee in bed
  • 6.15am – work on personal projects
  • 7.45am – meditate
  • 8am – morning walk
  • 8.30am – start “day job”
  • 12.30pm – lunchtime workout
  • 5.30pm – finish “day job”
  • 6pm – daily stretch and Spanish (I’ll talk about this later!)
  • 7pm – cook dinner and relax
  • 9.30pm – sleep

2. Schedule Your Workouts with Friends

If you’re someone who previously attended gym classes, bootcamps, or even just went to the gym on your own, you’ll be used to working out with people around you which, either consciously or not, is a huge motivator for a lot of people to get it done. And although there’s HEAPS of virtual workouts available now at the click of a button, I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there who are struggling to stay motivated to do them or commit to a regular routine. This is why getting your crew on board is a GAME CHANGER. Whether it be your partner, mum, bestie or a whole group of you, find a couple of time slots each week that suit and schedule your workout in! It doesn’t have to be the same each time either, mix it up with different styles and formats (e.g. you might do a HIIT one day and a yoga class the next) and keep it fun. As a PT and group fitness instructor, I run Zoom workouts 2 or 3 times a week for my besties and it’s something we all look forward to, and it keeps us in check (so much shade if someone doesn’t turn up!).

I will be sharing next week my favourite pages/people to follow for virtual workouts – stay tuned!

3. Plan your Meals

Planning your meals is still as important, if not more so, now we’re staying home and trying to avoid too many trips to the supermarket! But also it helps us to stay on track and avoid choosing the “easy” options when there’s only a bag of chips or Uber Eats available. Now don’t get me wrong, these choices are FINE (and delicious!) once in a while, but they shouldn’t be a go-to on a daily basis. Planning ahead and writing out your meals for the week will firstly keep you accountable, but also hopefully get you excited about the delicious meals you have in store for the week ahead. And you can make it fun, try cooking something new and if you have the time (who doesn’t right now?!), even make something from scratch like bread or a sauce that you normally buy in a jar. Cooking isn’t for everyone and I get that, but there’s lots of really easy, healthy and delicious meals out there which cater to everyone, and if you put in an hour or two over the weekend to plan, shop and prepare, I promise it will make your week-day food healthier but more importantly, so much more enjoyable!

4. Read a Good Book

When I was younger, I was a little bookworm and used to love getting lost in fantasy tales and magical adventures! Unfortunately in my late teens and early twenties, I lost touch with reading and was lucky if I finished 1 book a year, let alone 1 a week; social media took over and reading wasn’t something I could possibly fit into my busy schedule. Over the past 6 months, I have slowly started to re-introduce reading into my daily routine and I am so grateful to myself for doing this, as it really is so good for the soul to get away from a screen and loose yourself in a good book. I am really enjoying “educational” reads at the moment (or self-help as some like to call them!) and am currently reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear which I HIGHLY recommend, but I still love a good fiction and am always open to recommendations. But anyway, now more than ever is a perfect time to start reading (if you’re not already), whether it be to loose yourself in another world or to develop/educate, and if you don’t know where to start, check out some of the links below.

5. Learn a new skill

We always complain that we never have time in our busy schedules with commuting, working, running a household etc., to spend any time on learning new hobbies or skills… WELL now we do! So let’s use this extra time as an opportunity to do just that. You may have spotted earlier in my daily routine that I have time set out to do “Stretching & Spanish”, and this is because these are two things that I am really passionate about learning/improving and I’m determined to come out on the other side of this in the Splits, with a Sangria and some tapas in hand! But in all serious-ness, please do find something your interested in developing for YOU and give yourself that deserved time to focus on it. Progress can be slow and sometimes frustrating, but I promise you, once you start to see yourself improving in a skill, you will thank yourself for dedicating the time in the first place.

Photo credit: various via pixabay

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