My Favourite Virtual Workouts

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

It’s honestly so incredible how quickly we’ve been able to adapt to our new virtual world, especially in the fitness community. Of course, there was already lots of great online content from a number of different channels, but in the space of 30 days the options available to us has multiplied to a point it’s almost a little overwhelming! Where do you even start?!

Well, hopefully I can help you with that! As well as having access to all the workouts I’m posting weekly, I have compiled a little list below of my favourite virtual workouts, most of which are FREE – I got you 😉 There’s a great variety here so something for everyone, so please give them a go and share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Virtual Playground – by Fitness Playground

The Fitness Playground team were able to transform their whole offering to online in a very short space of time, and what they have created is an AWESOME platform where you can access a whole range of class styles and formats at the click of a button. Classes range from Barre, to HIIT, to yoga and dance as well as having a number of recorded workshops and masterclasses available for all to access. They also run live classes via Zoom each week (for members) and FREE live stream classes on their insta daily too (@fitnessplaygroundaus).

Check out the Virtual Playground here (you can sign up for a 7 day free trial and then memberships range from $9-16 weekly).

Photo: @claudiamaymoves from Fitness Playground

The Body Coach TV

Joe Wicks AKA “The Body Coach” has been posting free at home workouts since 2011 on YouTube and they have been a HUGE success. His mission is to make fitness and nutrition an easy and fun part of everyone’s day-to-day, not matter your age, background or fitness ability and has recently broken records with his daily “PE with Joe” workouts for kids and their families who aren’t at school due to COVID-19. Not only is he a fantastic coach and known around the globe, but he is a super relatable, friendly guy from the UK, who gives you daily insights into his life as a father of two adorable little ones on his insta @thebodycoach.

Check out his range of at home HIIT workouts on his YouTube channel here.

Photo: TheBodyCoach TV

3. Yoga With Adriene

If you’re looking for something a bit slower-paced which allows you to really focus some time on your emotions and well-being, then step on your yoga mat with Adriene. Her popular YouTube channel “Yoga With Adriene” has heaps of free yoga routines for everyone, including a “30 days of Yoga” series (for all abilities) as well as yoga routines based on how you’re feeling, physically or mentally. As someone who used to do yoga a lot, but has struggled to fit it into my normal weekly workout routine for the past few years, this channel has allowed me to get back to a few sessions a week, without having to leave the house! All you need is your yoga mat and 20-40 minutes of time and you will feel wonderful afterwards, I promise!

Check out Adriene’s YouTube channel here.


4. Nike Training Club App

The iconic fitness brand Nike has had the NTC App available for some time with a subscription, but in recent months due to gyms closing and everyone looking for at home solutions, they have made the App available for FREE download! Which is pretty awesome if you ask me! I love the NTC as there’s lots of short HIIT routines that you can work through, either with at-home equipment or bodyweight, and you can merge a few together for some mega workouts! Browse by Muscle Group, Workout Type or Equipment, as well as by length of workout or by your fave athlete (there’s heaps of celeb features too!) and create a 4-6 week workout plan on the app based on your activity level and workout type you’re looking for!

Check out the NTC website for more info, or you can download the Nike Training Club App for iOS here or for Android here.

Photo: Nike Training Club

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